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No capital gains taxes due for some investors
Some taxpayers won't pay any capital gains tax. Find out if you are eligible for this break.

Are health insurance premiums tax-deductible?
You can't claim a deduction for your health plan at the corporate level, but you can on Form 1040.

Don't drop your life insurance
Consider these six options to help you pay for your life insurance coverage.

Will mortgage rates fall in the next week?
Mortgage experts predict what will happen to rates over the next week -- and why.

Italian voters boot mortgage rates even lower
Investors are spooked by political paralysis in Italy, and mortgage rates nose dive.

6 celebrity endorsement flops
Partying too hard and not wearing a brand are some things celebs have done to lose millions.

Help me out of this payday loan debt!
Entangled in payday loan debt? Here's a way out -- and it doesn't involve bankruptcy.

How to reduce out-of-state tuition costs
Going to an out-of-state public college doesn't have to break the bank. Study up on how to save.

How to find help when you're a family caregiver
If you're weighed down by caregiving obligations, look for relief by tapping these resources.

Family survivors get Social Security
A separated widow and young daughter wonder about Social Security survivors benefits.

Student loan co-signer steamed about change
Does a student loan co-signer have a right to know when the borrower changes the terms?

How the rich (and poor) avoid paying income taxes
The tax code provides opportunities for the rich and poor to reduce their tax liability to zero.

Life insurance: Who really needs it?
Anyone with dependents should consider buying life insurance, says one professor.

5 high-tech trends driving the future of banking
Do you really want to go into a branch? Bankers don't think so and are changing how you bank.

Life insurance from marriage into midlife
How much life insurance do you need after your 20s? It depends on kids and other concerns.